Photo by Jiyang Chen

Photo by Jiyang Chen


Aaron is also a Research Fellow at NYU School of Law's Center for Labor and Employment Law. He has appeared on panels hosted by the National Employment Lawyers Association-New York and NYU School of Law on issues involving low-wage workers. He also contributed a chapter on representing Chinese immigrant workers in New York and the role of worker centers to a book recently published by Cambridge University Press. Aaron is engaged in several research projects, including one on labor/employment dispute resolution systems with the International Labour Organisation, as well as a legislative campaign to help workers collect unpaid wages in New York State.

Related Media and Publications:

Aaron Halegua organized, moderated and presented on the panel "Should the Law on Tipping be Changed?" (video) at NYU Law School on December 2.

Jim Dwyer, "Awarded Stolen Wages, Workers Struggle to Collect," New York Times, February 19, 2015 (discussing legislative effort to combat wage theft and featuring the Babi Nails Salon case, which was succesfully litigated by the Legal Aid Society but in which the employers have evaded paying the full amount of the judgment).

"Empty Judgments: The Wage Collection Crisis in New York" (2015) (contributing author).

"Labor Center presents 'TalkShop' for In-house Employment Counsel and Panel Discussion of Worker Centers," NYU Center for Labor and Employment Law (discussing panel on worker centers moderated by Aaron Halegua).