China's Courts Provide RMB 240 Million in Living Assistance to Those Who Can't Enforce Judgements

This article from China's official newspaper, People's Court Daily, describes the results of the Supreme People's Court's directive that lower courts ramp up enforcement actions before the Spring Festival.  The SPC reports that from December 1, 2015 to February 15, 2016 courts enforced 89,633 cases involving over 3.6 billion yuan, including cases involving unpaid wages.  In cases where the defendant is unable to pay, courts were also instructed to provide financial assistance to those parties seeking enforcement who faced economic hardships.  During that same three-month period, 240 million yuan in assistance was distributed among 17,454 people.  This is one more measure being employed by the Chinese government to encourage workers who have been cheated out of their wages to use the legal system -- and not other, "destabilizing" means -- to address their grievances.  (A special thanks to Susan Finder of the Supreme People's Court Monitor for passing along this article.)